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For those of you who did not make it to our last town hall meeting here is a quick update. AMA Re-pipe is addressing the final corrections on the plans with the City. The project start date is January 8 th . The initial work will begin in the garage. Most all the pipes you see over your head in the garage at both P1 and P2 will be replaced. This is expected to take about 3 months. There will be times when certain parking spots will need to be vacated during the work day so please cooperate. You will be able to park in your spot in the evening. AMA will be fencing four parking spots near the elevators to the lofts. This will be their base of operations during the duration of the work.

The main contact number with any questions or concerns is James Hunter with AMA his number is 562-541-5649.

Once the garage is done AMA will start in the loft building. The building is plumbed in vertical stacks not by unit. This means there is not one point of access for either your water or your waste. Rather a plumbing stack will rise vertically through the building providing service to a fixture or two in each unit as it rises from floor to floor. The plumbing will be replaced one or two stacks at a time. AMA will make sure you have an operational bathroom at the end of each work day. You can expect your unit to be affected for about 3 weeks, this could vary. AMA will have another meeting with you about three weeks before entering your unit to identify more exactly which walls and or cabinets etc. will be affected by their work.

The work in the lofts is expected to take 3-4 months meaning the work in the townhouses will begin around September of 2019. All the same protocol will take place in the townhouse building.

There are still some units who have not made contact with AMA so if you know anybody associated with the following units please have them contact James Hunter with AMA and identify themselves as either the owner or renter:

Lofts 1780: units 104, 201, 507, 809

Townhouses 1750: units 105, 106, 109, 111, 206, 302, 307, 308, 310, 419

Also, as a final note. This work is not optional for owners. If owners deny or delay work in their unit

there is a substantial daily fine that will be passed on to the unit owner.

In case you missed the last update below is a list of other work that will take place in the building after the re-pipe:

Other Construction Defect Items: Besides the re-pipe there are also other items identified as Construction Defect that are part of the repairs, we will do from the settlement proceeds. These items will start once we have either completed the re piping or at the same time as the re pipe if the repairs can be scheduled so there is no interference between the two contractors. These repairs haven’t been scheduled yet. The repairs and unit numbers are in some basic categories: Structural Repairs 1750 building: which isn’t as bad as it sounds. It basically involves removing drywall and re nailing some shear wall. This would happen in the Gym and in the 1750 building in units 105, 109, 302, 310 and 403. Sliding Door and Window repair 1750 building: This involves removing windows or Sliders and re-

installing them in a more waterproof fashion. This would take place in the Gym and units 108, 115, 206, 311, 413, 416, 418. Store Front Window repairs 1780. This involves taking apart your store front glass system and re

installing it in a more waterproof fashion. For this building if you don’t experience any leaking and you don’t want to go through this repair you can opt out. This would take place in unite 311, 312, 315, 509, 511, 702, 703, 706, 708.


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