Repiping Update!

AMA has completed the repiping to building 1780 and has moved over to 1750. Unfortunately, the city has changed the testing requirements from 1780 to 1750 requiring a longer and more extensive testing method. As of Thursday, January 16, 2020 the City, AMA and the Association were able to come to an agreement for the new testing.

AMA has resumed work and is hoping to have the 18 units currently open tested within the next two weeks. Project Manager, James Hunter with AMA is the point of contact and he can be reached at or 562-541-5649.

Reconstruction Update

The Board has contracted with CM2 to assist as the Project Manager for the storefront window and balcony repairs.

Once a point of contact for CM2 has been announced Management will notify the Owners. 

Surveillance Cameras

The Board recently approved the purchase of additional security cameras to be installed in both buildings.

1780 Floor Boards

The floorboards in 1780 were removed for the repiping project and they will be reinstalled during the Doma remodel. The Board is currently working with Esteban Interiors to finalize the contract for both buildings to be remodeled. Once there is more information on this project, Management will notify the Residents.

Committee Volunteers

The board is looking to establish some committees for the Association such as one for EV Chargers in the garage, Security, Social, and Landscaping. If you are interested in serving on a committee please contact Management at


We love our Pets at Doma.  When taking them outside to relieve themselves please take them close to the curb.  

Do not let them pee on our pillar or the building. Thank you!

Balcony Usage!

This is a friendly reminder to residents to be courteous of others around them. This includes not sweeping leaves onto the balcony below and properly disposing of debris using a dustpan, not allowing water to run off to the person below.

Refuse Items 

Please properly dispose of your refuse items by bagging all items, breaking down boxes and not leaving large items near the trash area for the Association to dispose of as this is an extra cost to the Association.


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