Rarefied Air Environmental will inspecting each unit for asbestos on Wednesday, May

8th and Thursday, May 9th beginning at 8am with building 1780 and finishing with 1750.

The reason for this testing is per Federal Rule 1206. This is a new law that was

implemented last year and the association must comply with this rule due to the

reconstruction project. Please note that these days CAN NOT be rescheduled and

times CAN NOT be requested. If access is not provided, Management may enter the

unit and or Owners may be subject to a fee for inspection on a later date to enter the


We ask for residents cooperation during the inspection:

-Residents will be required to provide access to the unit on these days for

asbestos testing.

-With written permission (this can be by email), Doma’s Engineer, Nick, can

unlock the door for Rarefied to perform the testing if you will not be home and a

key is on file with the building.

-Provide Management with a Key if you would like to provide Management with

a key you can fill out a Key Waiver form and turn into Action Office or the

Building Engineer. This key helps in emergency situations or for inspections in

the future.

- Ensure that pets are properly supervised while inspection is taking place.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Management at Thank you in advance for your patience and cooperation.


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