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Re-Pipe and Construction

As everyone knows the big thing on the horizon for DOMA is the construction defect repairs. Most of the repairs are related to the replacement of the waste and water pipe. So far, the plans for these waste and water line repairs have been drawn and submitted to the City. Our Engineer is presently working through corrections for the issuance of the permit.


In the meantime, AMA is scheduling unit walks to determine the least damaging way to replace the pipes and organize the repair. Please be sure to make your appointment with AMA if you have not already, they MUST get in every unit before this work begins.


AMA is also trying to secure parking spots for material storage and parking for workers. This will help the speed up the work and be to everyone’s benefit. If you have a spot you can spare please get in touch with AMA and work out an arrangement. There is compensation available. Also, if your spot is designated as a worker spot, they will only be using this during working hours. The contact for AMA re-pipe is James Hunter his number is 562-541-5649

The repairs will start on all the piping in the garage and will begin in January. The garage work is expected to take around 3 months. Once complete they will be going up each “stack” of the plumbing and begin in the Lofts building.

The next Town Hall meeting is tentatively scheduled for Dec 5 th .

Re-Pipe and Construction


Besides the re-pipe there are also other items identified as Construction Defect that are part of the repairs, we will do from the settlement proceeds. These items will start once we have either completed the re piping or at the same time as the re pipe if the repairs can be scheduled so there is no interference between the two contractors. These repairs haven’t been scheduled yet. The repairs and unit numbers are in some basic categories:

Structural Repairs 1750 building:

which isn’t as bad as it sounds. It basically involves removing drywall and re nailing some shear wall. This would happen in the Gym and in the 1750 building in units 105, 109, 302, 310 and 403.

Sliding Door and Window repair 1750 building:

This involves removing windows or Sliders and re-installing them in a more waterproof fashion. This would take place in the Gym and units 108, 115, 206, 311, 413, 416, 418.

Store Front Window repairs 1780.

This involves taking apart your store front glass system and re installing it in a more waterproof fashion. For this building if you don’t experience any leaking and you don’t want to go through this repair you can opt out. This would take place in units 311, 312, 315, 509, 511, 702, 703, 706, 708.

Balcony repairs 1750.

This is an extensive removal and replacement of the waterproofing of your

balcony which can include the removal and re installation of the handrail as well. This would take place in units 102, 103, 106, 111, 112, 115, 204, 206, 309, 416.

Balcony repairs 1780.

This is grinding and waterproofing. This would take place in units 311, 312, 509,

511, 702, 703, 706, 708.

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